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There are different places you can buy a rabbit from; some are not as good as others.  Many people think that a pet store is one of the best places to purchase a rabbit from, but all you have to do is look at those small cages they keep the animals in, and it's not hard to see that that is not the healthiest environment for any animal. . Most rabbits in pet stores are bred and raised in poor conditions and locations, and are not always pure bred, but, sold as this. The bottom line is most pet stores, particularly the chain stores focus on their profit, they care more about the quantity of pets they have for sale rather than the quality of the animals. This is not to say that all pet stores are like this, or that there are no pet store employees who care for the animals and do what they can for their comfort, but rather that the environment lends itself to less healthy rabbits in the long run, rabbits that could have problems down the road, or not turn out to be the breed you wanted.

Another possibility for buying a rabbit is through a backyard breeder. A backyard breeder is someone who has a particular breed of rabbit, and decides it might be fun to breed their female rabbit and have some kits. In many cases they know little about the breed they own, and may not even know how to properly care for it in terms of particular health problems the breed may have, and problems that may occur when breeding their particular kind of rabbit. A backyard breeder's main aim is to sell the puppies as fast as they can to the highest bidder. Like the pet store their aim is often profit, rather than learning anything about the breed, and the special facts about their breed. So, many times this may also be an avenue that yields a less than robustly healthy rabbit down the road. Again, there are cases where a backyard breeder is someone just starting out that wants to become a hobby breeder, and does care and has taken the time to learn the important facts about their breed of rabbit and breeding that rabbit. However, those are more rare than normal.

Finally, you have hobby breeders, the best way to go when buying a rabbit, particularly if you want a rabbit that is 100% a certain breed. Hobby breeders care about the quality of their animals lives, and understand the importance of educating themselves about their breed of choice and any health issues that may be important with regards to breeding their particular type of rabbit. Hobby breeders are committed to breeding the best and most healthy rabbits possible that are a good example of the breed in accordance with the BRC show standard. While they do make a profit from selling surplus rabbits, this is less important to them than the fact that their rabbits are healthy, happy, and well taken care of and profit is put back into the upkeep and care of their rabbits. Another perk of dealing with a hobby breeder is that they will stand behind any animal they sell. It is rare for a hobby breeder to produce a poor quality rabbit, but if by some fluke it were to happen, a hobby breeder would be willing to work with the purchaser for the benefit of the bunny.